Monday, October 21, 2013

Bicycle Birthday

For Steele's birthday this year we decided to let his love of cycling inspire the theme of the party. Since we all love cycling too, it wasn't a bad choice!
All the major jersey colors represented---I cut out nearly 500!!! The rainbow ribbon isn't exactly accurate, but close enough.
The jerseys were strung together to make garlands. It's hard to tell by the photo how fantastic they turned out.
I made paper medallions.
And stuck them on the treat boxes containing dark chocolate peanut butter cups, black and white circus animal cookies, wafer cookies, and striped fudge cookies.
For my birthday Mom found some REALLY good cupcakes that even Steele ate. He usually isn't a sweet tooth. D.D. ordered these adorable cupcake toppers, but when Mom went to get the cupcakes they didn't have the same flavors. Don't worry, we had PLENTY of sugar!
We love you!

And come next July we'll be all set to decorate for the Tour de France!


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