Thursday, October 31, 2013

Not So Halloween

I've been feeling all nostalgic as I contemplated writing a post commemorating Wilde family Halloweens gone past. This holiday has become increasingly more important in my adult years than it ever was growing up. I blame it on the competitiveness of the entire Wilde clan who strive each year to come up with the greatest costume year after year to showcase at Grandma's annual Halloween party.
I came across this photo. I didn't remember it from last year. We were so devastated by Dad's recent health news a year ago, that we didn't even consider dressing up. Then good ol' Dad started getting into the Halloween spirit and latched onto the idea of being Cyclops. The rest of us cobbled together our costumes to round out the Greek Mythology theme.

I decided on just this one photo because even though Dad wasn't feeling well, here he is in all his Cyclops glory with a smile on his face. What makes this picture even better is Mom's smile in the background. (And the majesty of her Medusa hair!) I will be forever grateful to Dad for toughing it out and helping all of us have one last fun Halloween memory together and for teaching us that life still goes on.

I'll be saving my Halloween trip down memory lane for another time.

This is the first year in nearly 10 years that I haven't dressed up. Maybe I'll just paint my nails black and call it a day.


  1. Thank you for sharing, Natalie! I love the Wilde traditions and I hope that they'll continue someday. Lots of love to you all, thinking of everyone today.

  2. Your dad was amazing. And I promise next year will be better. So plan now what to design and wear in honor.

  3. Pretty sure I didn't even hear about this one! Love you!