Friday, July 27, 2012

David Millar:::Racing Through the Dark

Now that the Tour de France is over I'm going through cycling withdrawls. It isn't that I don't follow cycling all year long, but there is something VERY consuming about the three weeks of The Tour. It is the most prestigious event of the year. If you are fortunate enough to have cable you get up early to watch the stage live, and then watch the primetime rebroadcast. And if you have nothing else going on that day, you watch the mid-day. The results don't change but there is something inspiring watching these guys race for 4-6 hours over all kinds of terrain. These athletes are AMAZING. They put their bodies through what is the equivalent of running a marathon everyday for 3 weeks. Talk about warriors.

Why am I gong on and on about how tough they are? The sport is hard and is known for being a dirty sport. Cheating and doping are unfortunately part of every professional sport. I honestly feel that cycling has done the most to clean up and keep their sport honest. No other athletes are tested more.

I just finished reading "Racing Through the Dark" by David Millar. This book relates his love turning to disillusionment with the sport and his eventual foray into the doping world. He was caught and banned from competition for 2 years. He talks about how he hit rock bottom and how he learned to love the sport of cycling again. This is one of the most honestly written books about the dark side of cycling. 

Since his return, David has been honest about his past and not afraid to talk about it. He shares his knowledge with younger riders and is a great mentor. He joined a cycling team committed to clean racing. I am sufficiently impressed with him.

This is David Millar winning a stage at this year's Tour de France. One of the few times the breakaway stayed away. He will be competing in the London Olympics, despite Great Britain's stance on past dopers. 

If you know nothing about cycling I would still recommend this book. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas in July

It's Christmas in July at FlyAKite

We've marked ALL Christmas down 30%. Sale runs through the end of the month. Last day July 31. Handmade original stockings, cards, ornaments and present toppers. One week only!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Music Monday ::: MATISYAHU

Matisyahu has a new album---Spark Seeker. I LOVE some of the new songs. A few are just eh. We've been fortunate to see him in concert twice this month. First time at The Del Mar Fair. (I will always call it that. Even though officially it changed a few years ago to The San Diego Fair.)

Matis is no longer a practicing Hassidic Jew, so he's shaved his beard and locks. I kind of miss them. Don't think you like Jewish reggae? Give it a try.

Second, at Jimmy Kimmel Live. Another free outdoor concert! Fortunately the heat wave broke so it wasn't too hot waiting in line. We didn't get front row, but 3 deep in the center wasn't too bad. Especially when before the start of the show a couple of crew guys prepared us for the possibility that Matis would be stage diving right on top of us.

Right before he landed on us! So much fun!!! And he sounded awesome!!! 


"Live Like a Warrior"

We had a great time. We were the only blonds there. And some of the only few who danced. There was not nearly enough beat boxing---a skill Matisyahu excels at. Great fun!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July July

Can you believe July is over half-way over?! It's been a busy month. It started in St. George, Utah with a mini Moody family reunion. It was HOT, but fun to see long lost family.

We've already been to San Diego THREE times.

We saw Matisyahu at the Del Mar Fair.

Fun on the fourth with a cookout and SPARKLERS! Steele made an AWESOME pasta salad.

And what would July be without The Tour de France? The Wilde family becomes obsessive about cycling for the entire three weeks of the race. Some day I'll go to France and see it in person.

Can you think of a better way to spend a Summer evening than at the ballpark with friends? I kind of wish the month would slow down.