Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Zippers have always intimidated me. As in scare me to death. Not the zipper themselves. I wear clothes with zippers. Installing the zipper.
I have conquered my fear! With happy results.
Look at these adorable pouches! I love how they turned out.
I found a step-by-step tutorial. It was easy to follow. I didn't even need a practice pouch. The first one turned out just like I hoped.
This project only cost me the price of the zippers. Thanks to Sylvia-Louise I have quite the fabric stash.
It was so much fun matching up fabrics and linings. And then choosing how to embellish them.
These pouches were gifts, but with enough zippers I could make a zippered pouch for every day of the week! The hardest part is deciding what pouch to make next.

I see a pouch line coming to Sylvia-Louise very soon!