Friday, April 15, 2011

Playing Janice

My sister and I didn't play dolls or house. We played Janice. That's what we called it. Vanessa would come over from across the street and we would play Janice under The Three Trees. We'd spread blankets out and play for hours. In summer we were allowed to take over the patio and we'd build a house with tables and chairs, blankets and pillows. We had so much imagination. How wonderful would our life have been if we'd had these AMAZING table playhouses?

Check out Parties and Patterns for download info. I don't have kids, but I totally want one of these. Or three.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ruth Elizabeth Davis

Or as she was better known, BETTE DAVIS. Born April 5, 1908. She is my favorite actress. I love all her movies from "Of Human Bondage" to "Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte." She had tremendous range; from comedy to the very dramatic. I am mesmerized by her performances. I admire her strength and determination.  She was truly great.  Next time TCM has a Bette Davis movie marathon, I recommend clearing your schedule and watching everything from start to finish. Or if you can't wait, come over to my house and we'll watch my favorite "Now, Voyager."

Ava Gardner said, "I'll never forget seeing Bette Davis at the Hilton in Madrid. I went up to her and said, "Miss Davis, I'm Ava Gardner and I'm a great fan of yours."And do you know, she behaved exactly as I wanted her to behave. "Of course you are, my dear," she said. "Of course you are." And she swept on. Now that's a star." 

Last month we found her grave at Forest Lawn. I was giddy with joy. We had looked for it before, just not in the right place. It was beautiful and peaceful. She is buried with her mother and sister. Bette Davis didn't have a very happy life, but she was one talented lady.

I searched and searched for a decent tribute, this was the best I could find. 

Happy Birthday Miss Davis!