Friday, May 3, 2013

Day of: The Mark Wilde Invitational Golf Tournament

April 22, 2013. We decided to celebrate Dad's birthday doing something he loved---golfing. None of us girls golf, yet. It was a great day.
 I should start off by saying that this event would never have been possible without Mark Walker. He is a lifelong friend and an expert at organizing tournaments. We had 48 golfers---a better turnout than we initially anticipated! So many friends and family attended. The money raised goes to support hospice. 
Mom and D.D. at the check-in table.
Uncle Monty also helped with the planning, and used his connections to get Steele Canyon to host the tournament.
Here's all the guys and carts waiting to get started. 
D.D. and I were one part of the photography team. We took HUNDREDS of pictures. Here, D.D. is using Dad's old camera. It's over 40 years old and still takes AMAZING pictures. We had so much fun racing around in our own golf cart!
The course is tucked into the hills of East County.
The weather was perfectly nice, but a titch windy.
Steele teeing off on the first hole.
 We had trophies for each member of the top two foursomes. These were REALLY cool plaques!
This ADORABLE munchkin is Mitch. His dad, Russ, is in the background. Mitch is 3. He has his own set of mini clubs. He's quite a good golfer, for a 3 year old. They drove over from Las Vegas for the day. Thank you!
Another pic of my cute brother!
Uncle Monty and Steele
We had an auction in the clubhouse after the tournament where we raised even more money for hospice. We also gave away The Mark Wilde Character Award. This year, being the first year, we had two recipients. Uncle Monty, Dad's brother, and Steele. These two men exemplify Dad's sportsmanship, goodness, kindness and sense of rightness. We plan on giving this award next year as well. Steele gave a brief tribute to Dad. This was the most emotional part of the day. It meant so much to have so many people who loved Dad be a part of this special day.

We want to say a giant THANK YOU to everyone who golfed with us or donated. It was an amazing way to honor and remember Dad. We're looking forward to next year!