Friday, May 28, 2010

Today I'm Grateful

Events of the past 24 hours have caused me to reflect on all the blessings I have been given. Blessings to follow in no particular order---just typing as they come to me. (This list is in no way inclusive of all my wonderful blessings).

I'm grateful for my family---Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother.
I'm grateful for the warm sunshine on my toes.
I'm grateful for music and the musicians who write and perform it.
I'm grateful for my naturally curly hair.
I'm grateful to be an American.
I'm grateful for my mobility.
I'm grateful for my sight---beauty is all around us---even if sometimes I have to wear my glasses.
I'm grateful for chocolate.
I'm grateful for smiles.
I'm grateful for the calming influence of the beach.
I'm grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ.
I'm grateful for my creative mind.
I'm grateful for healthy babies.
I'm grateful for the BEST Grandma in the world.
I'm grateful for anti-bacterial soap and wipes.
I'm grateful for Vanilla Coke.
I'm grateful for green salsa at El Zarape.
I'm grateful to live in California. 
I'm grateful for my college education.
I'm grateful for good books---literature, biographies, histories, whatever.
I'm grateful for crochet---so relaxing.
I'm grateful for Therma Care heat wraps.
I'm grateful for my values.
I'm grateful for a comfortable home.
I'm grateful for DIY pedicures that make you feel pretty even when aren't wearing make up.
I'm grateful for cloudy days.
I'm grateful for sunny days.
I'm grateful for rainbows.
I'm grateful for cozy socks.
I'm grateful for my sewing machine.
I'm grateful for my upbringing.
I'm grateful for trees.
I'm grateful for puppies.
I'm grateful for baseball.
I'm grateful for digital cameras.
I'm grateful for my long eyelashes.
I'm grateful for my Honda.
I'm grateful for Trader Joe's Ice Cream Sandwiches.
I'm grateful for my comfy brown leather couch.
I'm grateful for for my name.
I'm grateful for ambulance drivers, EMTs and doctors.
I'm grateful for cool breezes.
I'm grateful for warm cookies out of the oven, and the cookie dough that comes before.
I'm grateful for running water.
I'm grateful for flip flops.
I'm grateful for cheese.
I'm grateful for Sudoku puzzles.
I'm grateful for chapstick.
I'm grateful for Crumbs cupcakes.
I'm grateful for the comfort of a fire on a chilly night.
I'm grateful for veggies.
I'm grateful for happy memories.
I'm grateful for my red patent leather shoes.
I'm grateful for baking soda toothpaste.
I'm grateful for clean sheets in bed.
I'm grateful for the game of Liverpool Rummy.
I'm grateful for my laptop.
I'm grateful for black spray paint.
I'm grateful for slow walks around the block.
I'm grateful for Peanut Butter M&M's.
I'm grateful for old black and white films---when actors were actors.
I'm grateful for freedom.
I'm grateful to be alive.

Bless you, if you made it to the end of this list. Its a little crazy. I will probably go back and edit it later. Be thankful for everything you have. Take the time to count your blessings.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NEW Card Designs At FlyAKite

They have arrived! FlyAKite welcomes two new designs to the shop. It's not all about the KITES. Although the kites are dang cute if you ask me. We now have quite a selection to choose from.

Just in time for Father's Day!

Desiree designed this card---I just perform the labor.

The Flower Bouquet cards are my new favorite! They are 3 dimensional and SUPER CUTE! Sewing the bouquet stems reminds me of the sewing cards we used to have as kids---the ones with the holes placed through pictures that you could stitch with a shoe lace. Remember? Its probably just because I am sewing with paper, but it is great fun to reminisce. 

And as always, if you see a design you like but would like different colors---just let us know. We love custom orders and collaborations!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Won! I Won! I Won!

Some of you may recall a few weeks ago I posted a write up about one of my new favorite Etsy artists, Polarity. If you haven't checked out her shop, shame on you. Her jewelry is totally unique and super fun. How do I know? Because I won her giveaway! Hooray! I really couldn't be more excited. The prize consisted of a locket, a bracelet, and a ring. The best part? I got to send her the photos I wanted her to use---totally personalized. AND I got to pick a set of lids from her shop. Its like Christmas! The lids are easily interchanged because the jewelry is magnetic.

My parents on their wedding day, Benito, baseball, monogram N.

Augie, graffitti on the bus stop bench near our apt., a huge tree.

I picked the tree lids and also got 2 bonus lids!

I'm having so much fun with my new jewelry!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Creativity in my veins

Today being Mother's Day, I was reflecting about all the wonderful women who have fostered and nurtured creativity in my life. I have had so many great examples, and treasure troves of talent to explore.

I was born to crochet. I didn't know I had this particular talent until about 10 years ago. I have always been surrounded by crochet, but I never thought of doing it myself.

This is me and my great-grandma Wilde. I never really knew her, but she gave me the afghan pictured in the background. It is one giant granny square. I have many childhood memories with this afghan. It became everything from a shawl when playing dress up to part of an under-the-stairs fort. It was very well made, and it was never allowed outside, so it still looks really good. It is something I treasure because when I look at it, I feel connected to my great-grandma.

Satterthwaite great-grandparents and me.

My great-grandma Satterthwaite was amazing at crochet. She made countless afghans in her lifetime. She was so good that she could sit watching TV or carrying on a conversation and never look down at her hands while she worked. To raise funds for the new church building in Garden City, great-grandma Satterthwaite crocheted afghans to be auctioned off.

This afghan was made from yarn remnants of those donated afghans. I will keep this forever.

These are 2 more my grandma recently gave me.

My grandma Wilde, daughter of great-grandma Satterthwaite, inherited her mother's crochet ability. She has made at least one receiving blanket for each of her 24 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren.


This is newborn me on my receiving blanket made by grandma Wilde.

And this is the afghan she made me for my college graduation.

With all this talent in my blood I still had no desire to crochet. Yet. A few years ago I bought a skein of yarn, a couple of crochet hooks and asked grandma Wilde if she could teach me crochet. We sat on the couch in her living room (I have the picture taken of us somewhere) with the yarn between us and she taught me the basic chain stitch, double crochet stitch and the importance of keeping the tension consistent. My first project started with tight little stitches and progressed to fewer, bigger stitches. While the tension and stitch count changed from beginning to the end, somehow the dimensions stayed pretty much the same. It doesn't look skewed in any way unless you start counting stitches.

I progressed to other stitch patterns and various yarn textures. I taught myself how to read patterns and began adapting them to fit my own projects. I now have more than a few scarves and plenty of throw blankets around the house to keep warm.

Not too long ago, my sister and I started our own handbag company. We embellish each bag to make them one of a kind. It didn't take long before crochet embellishments became a popular theme. And then we started making them from wool and felting them.

Crochet is a part of my heritage, and is very calming for me. I love to crochet. I am always coming up with new ideas and projects.

I am grateful for the women in my life and grateful for all they have taught me. 

Happy Mother's Day!