Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lessons From History

Tears are in my eyes as I type this post. I just watched a special on National Geographic, Hitler's G.I. Death Camp. The story, as told by these survivors struck me especially hard. On top of Berga being a death camp, it was also a labor camp, and when the Germans realized how close American soldiers were, they forced these prisoners on a death march. I've watched my share of WWII documentaries, some with Jewish death camp survivors, but nothing has effected me quite like seeing Americans suffer the same cruelties. What does this say about me as a person? Do I value innocent American lives more than innocent lives of peoples of different nationalities? I like to think that I view all humans, regardless of their nationality/race/gender as children of God who deserve to be treated as such. I know that American soldiers were treated abominably in the labor camps in the Pacific islands during this same time period. I have read the memoir of my great uncle who survived one such camp in the Philippines. Maybe because I was unaware that such torture occurred to Americans in Europe as well. When I think about it I feel silly for not realizing that by the end, the Nazis were placing any enemy in a camp to further their war effort. As I listened to these survivors tell their story I was amazed at the courage and dedication it took to come out of such a horrific experience. These men, who served our country, who fought for freedom and justice, demonstrate true heroism.

Sorry for such a somber post. I normally try to keep this blog about things that inspire and uplift. While I am inspired by the courage of the survivors, I am deeply saddened by the reminder of how much we have still to learn from history. I also didn't include the haunting photographs from the documentary to keep this post from being completely depressing. Thanks for letting me share with you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wish List

My birthday is this week. I've already told anyone who has asked that I am NOT having a birthday this year. And since no one asked what I wanted for my birthday, I started my wish list with a few realistic things and grew more extravagant as the list grew longer.

-I just got new orange platform shoes, so I need orange accessories. This necklace and Marc Jacobs satchel should do nicely!
-An air popcorn popper. Nothing fancy.
-Black matte nail polish
-Gray flats
-How cute is this Kate Spade polka dot scarf?
-Harry Potter books (haven't read them)

And while I'm at it I want

-A cure for cancer
-World peace
-A steady income
-Fiscal responsibility from my elected officials
-Prince Charming
-A refrigerator  

Yeah, that's about it!

Actually, I'm not THAT materialistic. And I really don't need anything for my birthday. That's why its called a "WISH LIST."

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Getty Villa

Roman inspired architecture and gardens.
Sean, me, Matt & Desiree
Tempted to jump in the fountain.
Inner courtyard.
Lansdowne Heracles
Entrance to the Last Days of Pompeii exhibit.
Photography is not allowed in all areas. This is just a flavor of what this museum has to offer. 
Here's a cool video they show in a theater at the museum that discusses the history of the Getty Villa.






Monday, September 17, 2012

Dodger Stadium Tour

As a pre-birthday gift Desiree got tickets for us to tour Dodger Stadium. It was beyond cool and we learned a lot! Dodger Stadium is the third oldest ballpark in America behind Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. And it's seating capacity is the largest ballpark in the world. Who knew?
The seafoam colored seat section alone seats more than The Staples Center. It's one of only 11 Major League ballparks without a corporate sponsored name. 
Before the tour started. It was already REALLY hot. And on the top deck we were feeling a breeze.
Visiting the Press Box, where Vin Scully, the longest running play by play broadcaster in history, works. 63 seasons!!! And he'll be back for number 64 next year.
Six World Series titles.
Hanging out in the dugout!
On the phone to the bullpen.
Where's Matt Kemp?
On the field!!!
No breeze and roasting HOT!

Seeing behind the scenes, and all the history of this ball club made me fall even more in love with this ballpark. I've always loved the vintage feel of this stadium. Attending a game here is truly a unique experience. Thanks D.D. for such a fun birthday present! And here's hoping to see our boys in BLUE in post season play!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm in LOVE . . . . . . .

with a chair

a bed

another chair

a couch

a table
a floor lamp

a bath tub

Basically EVERYTHING in the Restoration Hardware Fall Source Book. LOVE. All 690 pages! I don't know what I did to get on the mailing list, but boy am I glad I am. You can also peruse the catalog here. Page after page of beauty and simplicity. You will lose yourself. I did, until nearly 2 am last night.