Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wish List

My birthday is this week. I've already told anyone who has asked that I am NOT having a birthday this year. And since no one asked what I wanted for my birthday, I started my wish list with a few realistic things and grew more extravagant as the list grew longer.

-I just got new orange platform shoes, so I need orange accessories. This necklace and Marc Jacobs satchel should do nicely!
-An air popcorn popper. Nothing fancy.
-Black matte nail polish
-Gray flats
-How cute is this Kate Spade polka dot scarf?
-Harry Potter books (haven't read them)

And while I'm at it I want

-A cure for cancer
-World peace
-A steady income
-Fiscal responsibility from my elected officials
-Prince Charming
-A refrigerator  

Yeah, that's about it!

Actually, I'm not THAT materialistic. And I really don't need anything for my birthday. That's why its called a "WISH LIST."

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