Thursday, September 23, 2010


Cascarones. Wait what are cascarones, you ask?

Cascarones (ka-ska-ron-es) are colorful confetti-filled eggshells that are cracked over the heads of friends and family at celebrations. Cascarones are very popular in the southwest, especially in South Texas. The word is derived from the Spanish word "cascara" which means shell.  Gracieseggies shop announcement.

I discovered Gracieseggies on Etsy. I hearted her shop & guess what? I was her 600th heart. She offered to send me 2 dozen eggs of my choice! Free! WOW! I was so excited to get them. This is how they arrived. Boo.

I was really nervous to open the box. I thought everything would be destroyed. I held my breath . . .

. . . grass? Maybe everything will be okay.

The bonus eggs and a few of the ones I requested were broken. But I still had almost 2 dozen eggs. Yay! 

These eggs really seem too cute to break, so I got to have a little party in my box, see what they were filled with, and now I can keep the unbroken ones to celebrate a special occasion.

I couldn't resist giving the unbroken eggs their own photo shoot. After all, these are two of my favorite colors.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nothing says FALL like FOOTBALL

Our brother coaches high school football, so while we were in San Diego for a wedding we took advantage of the opportunity to watch his team. Check out that gorgeous field!

I attended Monte Vista High School, and sitting in those bleachers brought back lots of memories. Times when I used to watch my friends and classmates playing on the field, then my brother playing and now as the defensive coordinator for the team. I saw a couple of guys I went to high school with at the game and instantly felt like the shy, insignificant person I was in high school. Our band and cheerleaders were MUCH better back in the day, but the players played hard and won! It was fun and now I'm ready for crisp weather and everything autumn.

Halloween has found its way to FlyAKite!

Our SPOOKY new designs just arrived in time for Halloween!

Check them out at FlyAKite!