Wednesday, June 30, 2010


In honor of the 4th of July we are having some FANTASTICALLY FABULOUS sales promotions.

If you head on over to our FlyAKite shop USA residents get FREE SHIPPING on their entire purchase! WOW! What a great time to stock up for all those upcoming special occasions. Nothing tells someone you love them more than giving them a one of a kind greeting card.

And if you're looking for a little something special for yourself, our Sylvia-Louise Handbag shop has discounts 25-50% off in the SALE SECTION! We've never had such deep discounts before. The discount is reflected in the list price. How can you pass this up?

The sales for both shops run July1-July5! The entire holiday weekend! (But if you're reading this on Wednesday, the sale is already in effect. *hint*hint*)

All purchases will be packaged and shipped on Tuesday July 6th! Happy shopping! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA! Thanks for giving us freedom and an excuse to have a sale!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Gladiolus (from Latin, the diminutive of gladius, a sword) is a genus of perennial bulbous flowering plants in the iris family. Sometimes called the sword lily, the most widely used English common name for these plants is simply gladiolus (plural gladioli, gladioluses or sometimes gladiolas).

I don't care what you call them, but to me they always remind me of home. My dad has grown gladiolas (my personal spelling preference) since we moved into the house on Moundglen Lane (also my personal spelling preference---since every street sign in the neighborhood spells it differently). They flowers don't last long, and they have no fragrance. I love them. 

The pink are my favorite. Dad would always gather a huge vase full for my mom to put in the house. Once, when I was 8 or 9 we strung a bunch of white blooms together to make a lei for Hawaiian dress up day. I remember feeling very special since all the other Highlands Hooters had plastic rainbow colored leis on. (Side note: before the elementary school changed the mascot to a hawk, it was an owl, and we were The Hooters.) 

I couldn't resist taking pictures when I was home this past weekend. My dad has always worked hard to have beautiful flowers in the yard. He's been successful, except for a few rose bushes. His tulips are to die for. He also grows a variety of vegetables. We've always had tomatoes---it's a family tradition. He grows fantastic green beans, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries (not so numerous as before), and new this year . . . 

. . . ONIONS. I had no idea that onion plants grew this tall, or had such a pretty flower. Now when the tomatoes are ready all we need is some cilantro, chiles and lime. Nothing like home grown produce.

I have no idea what this flower is called, but I thought it photo worthy.

And I just like how this photo turned out. So there.