Monday, August 27, 2012

SURPRISE Party ::: The Invites

My mom's birthday is at the end of the month. She has been so selfless the past year and a half---dedicating her life as the caregiver for dad as he battles bladder cancer. My sister and I decided that it would be fun to throw her a SURPRISE party! It would have to be a party of the surprise kind because she would never consent to it.

We pulled it off!!! She was SO surprised! I'll be sharing party details the rest of the week. For now, the invites.

First make 40 origami dresses.

Next type up the insert. Format it perfectly. Fight with my printer. Email file to sister at work. Re-format because her computer doesn't convert the correct fonts. Settle for the next best thing. Print them anyway because they have to go out in the mail ASAP.

Don't forget the labels!

In the envelopes they go!

Tomorrow: decorations.

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