Monday, November 21, 2011

Pumpkin Pie

i don't like it

Let me back up. I come from a family that practically lives for pie. My Grandma Wilde is the QUEEN of pies. She is an excellent cook and famous for her baking. I love her. I love her pies. All except the pumpkin (well, and banana cream, but that's because I can't eat bananas). It's not just hers. I just don't like pumpkin pie. I like pumpkin flavor. I like it baked in other things. I like the spices. It is so unappetizing to me in pie form. It's cold. It's got a funny texture. It's heavy. Given the choice on Thanksgiving I would rather just have another scoop of green bean casserole and a roll.

That said, when we moved to LA a few years ago our apartment manager brought us a pumpkin pie right around Thanksgiving. We were very grateful for her thoughtfulness, but wondered what we were going to do about this pie situation. We decided to get some whipped cream and at least try a piece.


This pie is light, almost like a mousse. The flavor is fantastic. Her crust is AMAZING. We eat it for breakfast, which is really the best way to eat pie.

We get a pie every year. We look forward to it. She makes dozens to give away, but won't reveal her recipe. Thank you Terri!

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