Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dry Run

Some of you may know my dad was scheduled for surgery this past Wednesday. MAJOR surgery. What a fiasco. The poor guy fasted for two days and took the antibiotics he was prescribed. After two hours of prep, he was just about to be wheeled into the operating room, when the head surgeon cancelled the surgery. Apparently the nurses aid screwed up the medications, didn't get them called in on time, so dad couldn't take them. He didn't even know what he was supposed to be taking because the moron also didn't give him a checklist. He had FIVE medicines to take to make sure his intestines were sterile. Sooooo, we're going through the entire ordeal again, for real this time, Monday June 6.

Organs to be removed: Bladder, Prostate, Lymph Nodes, Urethra, Appendix.

He's doing the medical prep. We're attempting to prepare emotionally (again). We also found out that the surgery is expected to take 8-10 hours, we were told 4-6. He will be in ICU at least 3 days. And he will be in the hospital recovering for 10-14 days, we had been told 5-7. Now we have a more realistic picture and it's a little bit scarier. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

*Sorry no pictures. I will be chastised for it. But when the real thing takes place I hope to keep folks updated on facebook, with some photos. (Obviously not of the actual surgery).


  1. I'm angry too. I hope that guy gets fired.

    I think you're okay not having a pic all things considered :)

  2. I will be thinking of all of you and hope that all goes well. Hang in there!