Thursday, August 26, 2010

Graveyard Stalking

Graveyard stalking is our new favorite thing to do. This time D.D. & I visited Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery. We went prepared with water, but it was still HOT! And there was quite a bit of incense burning going on. It smelled like moxa (YUCK!) and reminded me of my days of going to the accupuncturist. We were more successful at finding famous people than our first attempt. see earlier post here.

The first person we found: David Carradine
martial arts actor.

Stan Laurel: half of Laurel & Hardy comedy duo.

Borden Chase: Hollywood screenwriter.

Parley Edward Baer: film, tv & radio actor.

Mary Ayers: the first female undercover detective in NYC.
Very cool!

Telly Savalas: film & tv actor.
(Saved the best for last!)

We missed Bette Davis, one of my all time favorite actresses, somewhere. She should have been relatively easy to find. Maybe it was the heat stroke. There was a gorgeous little brick chapel on the grounds I couldn't stop taking pictures of.

We also visited Meso-America. There was an exhibit of replica relics. It made for some great photos.

And we made a lizard friend!

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