Friday, July 30, 2010

Forest Lawn Cemetery

Having lived in Glendale for almost 2 years we decided to visit Forest Lawn Cemetery. It's not as weird as it sounds. The grounds are extensive. They have a museum. And famous people are buried here. This was last Saturday, after the craft fair so it was still HOT. We stopped in the shade of this church to admire the stonework. Then we toured the museum where they had an exhibit on Goya. It was interesting and air conditioned. The gift shop was nothing to get excited about---they had a ton of stuff in braille. Apparently they get a lot of blind traffic at the museum.

We decided to explore. We came across this statue of The Christos standing over a waterfall fountain. It was in a very peaceful garden. Across the courtyard was a locked garden. Famous people? We don't know because they won't tell you where they are buried. We did manage to get into a locked garden that wasn't locked, but no one famous was inside that one.

They also have a replica of The David. He was having some work done so we couldn't get very close. Someday I'll see the original in Italy. It was still amazing to see.

You would think that a mausoleum would be cold. It wasn't. It was warm and stuffy. Most of it was roped off. We discovered later that Clark Gable is buried there. Didn't see him. We wanted to see the labyrinth they had listed on the map, so we kept walking. It was basically a maze drawn on the ground in bricks. No hedges or walls. More disappointment.

Very hot and tired we trudged back to the car. Along the way we passed many a headstone. After all over 250,000 people are buried here.  Donald was kind enough to let us rest with him in the shade of his tree.

A few Moody's we might be related to.  For almost 3 hours we explored. I'm sure we'll go back someday. And we'll take water. And some snacks. And take more photos. After all Jimmy Stewart is buried here and not locked away. Humphrey Bogart is buried here---might be locked up. We also plan to visit Forest Lawn Hollywood hills.

The city of Glendale as viewed from Forest Lawn.

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