Friday, July 30, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair

I wanted to attend last year, but something came up. I don't remember what exactly. So I was excited to see what it was all about. I dragged D.D. with me.

We got there soon after it opened, and WOW so many people were already there! And they came prepared to shop. We saw so many amazing artists. If money grew on trees we would have done more shopping ourselves. We did discover some fantastic bracelets by doubledipped that we just couldn't pass up. (His shop is a little empty at the moment). But they are almost the best bracelets ever. Okay, they're more of a cuff, but we couldn't pass them up. He recycles book spines and turns them into cuffs with a snap. Brilliant! We took our time deciding---color and title.

It was definitely a warm day! Packed in the aisles with people body to body was quite sweaty. We stepped out to a small hill to catch some breeze and admire the clear day. We don't get many clear days in LA. 

And we couldn't leave without visiting the portable photo booth. They had props and everything! You can hire Magnolia Photo Booth Co. for your next party, reunion or wedding. So much fun!

We had a good time and took notes. Maybe we'll be vendors next time! There was only 2 vendors selling handbags. We'll have to see.

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