Friday, April 9, 2010

You can make ANYTHING

Once my aunt told me, "If you can make a chinese dragon, you can make anything." Well, I have made a chinese dragon (Halloween 2007). And I pretty much try to make all kinds of things. When I'm out and about and see something I usually say to myself, and sometimes out loud,  "I can make that." The problem is usually materials. But when I can find what I want to use to create whatever vision I have in my head, the results are something like this.

I saw a necklace like this some time ago. I knew I could make one myself. I just kept forgetting to get the beads. I sat down one afternoon last week and figured it out. After only a couple of beads I had the hang of it, and the necklace came together quite easily. If I can generate enough interest I may add it to my Sylvia-Louise shop. But even if I don't sell them, I will enjoy wearing it and probably making more.

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