Saturday, April 10, 2010

Little Homes Have A New Home

One of my favorite artists on Etsy is thelittlereddoor. She makes the cutest little ceramic items. I've wanted to order something for a long time. I finally had a reason---DD was moving offices for her new position in financial aid and redecorating. I special ordered these 2 custom houses to match her black, white and red London theme. I've been watching the mail everyday for the past couple of weeks, and today they arrived! DD loved them, and since we were out and about we took them to her new office. Ta-da!

Even better? When I ordered DD's houses thelittlereddoor was having a buy one get one promotion. So I got a couple of houses for myself! Hooray! They are adorable. And I'm happy one of the houses actually has a little red door (because red is my favorite color).  They were too cute not to immediately take photos of and post.

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