Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Giagantous Wonderful Plaidness

This might be my new favorite bag! I started on Saturday. It was supposed to be a day project, but the dandelion embroidery took something like 5 hours in and of itself. That's a lot of french knots! Anyway, because the Sylvia-Louise Signature Bag isn't big enough---I stretched the length and width of the pattern. Carrying this bag should guarantee me my own personal space. And such a gorgeous buffer!

I love the plaid and the colors are very ME. The wool felted fabulously. I am very happy to introduce you to the newest member of my handbag family. And if anyone wants to order a slightly smaller version, I still have some of this fantastic plaid.


  1. The yellow flower is my new fav. Adorbs! You should do a tutorial on how to whip up these awesome flowers!

  2. love that bag...isn't it crazy what we get ourselves into...good thing I love making french