Friday, February 26, 2010

Coaster Conundrum

What is a coaster? The thing you use under beverage vessels to prevent rings and water damage. How hard is it to find a coaster that does it's job? VERY!

Most coasters are made from some type of hard, non-absorbent material (plastic, wood, tile). When you use these types of coasters, condensation pools under your glass and usually spills down the side onto the surface you are trying to protect. The coasters they use in restaurants are usually made of layers of cardboard or other absorbent paper. They work well, but they are disposable and don't last. A folded up paper towel or a napkin works well, but is not exactly  an aesthetically pleasing option to offer guests. It's like saying, "Here, take this used kleenex to keep your drink dry."

When D.D. and I moved into our new place we were given a set of clay coasters. These semi-porous coasters worked well for a while, but tend to not dry out and they mildew. Eewww!

I don't spend sleepless nights worrying about beverage accessories, but finding adequate coasters has been a struggle.

Today I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went through my felt drawer, pulled out some wool and put these coasters together. I am quite pleased with the results. They have yet to be tested, but seem promising. If they don't work out, they didn't cost me very much. And since they match the decor they can always be scattered around the apartment as added texture. Hopefully I have solved the coaster conundrum.

D.D. found these fabulous glasses at Urban Outfitters!

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