Monday, January 25, 2010

Chasing Sunsets

On Saturday, after a week of wonderful rain DD and I went in search of some sun. We packed our painting supplies and headed out for a new park. We set up shop, and the ground wasn't too wet. We know because apparently it is against the rules to sit on a blanket.



DD painted a tree. She finished. I was inspired by a parking garage. I didn't finish. We stayed until the sun set behind the huge buildings behind us and the wind became frigid. (Sunset #1). A fun afternoon.

Then we decided to try to catch the sunset from the Observatory since the air was super clear. We never did figure out what exactly was going on up at the Observatory, but there were sooo many people up there. And a huge traffic jam with everyone trying to find a park. So we drove up one side and down the other. We missed the sunset (Sunset #2), but decided to stop at the park at the bottom of the hill. We did some sky flying---our new favorite photo trick!

We laughed hysterically! And then we did some star spinning. Very dizzying!

By this time we were freezing, and we headed home.

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