Thursday, September 3, 2009


Twenty five years ago Grandmother Moody lived at Shadowbrook in Provo, Utah. We had so much fun visiting her there. Our favorite place in her house was up in the attic. She had a small chalkboard and we played school by the hour. I can still smell the chalk.

She lived in the house on the end with the most beautiful roses out front. DD and I built our first snowman under those trees. When weather was good we played on the swings. There was the most wonderful tire swing that we fought over and had to take turns.

Some years later we moved to Provo to go to school, long after Grandmother had relocated to Salt Lake City. Shadowbrook became our favorite photo shoot location. It became a tradition to take our roommates there to take our annual apartment photos. We were a little disappointed to see that the babbling brook was quiet and that the ducks were missing in action.

We stood on the bridge looking wistfully into the rocky bed. Then we took a few photos for old times sake. We didn't pack a tripod, so just a few individual shots.

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