Thursday, September 17, 2009


I LOVE childrens books! They take me back to a simpler time. And they often teach profound lessons at a basic level. While I have discovered a few new childrens books to entertain me this past year, I always enjoy an old favorite. Last night my sister got me an early birthday gift. Best Friends For Frances. It probably wasn't meant as a present, but I was plenty excited. The author, Russell Hoban has written a series of books based on Frances, a badger child---Bedtime For Frances, A Baby Sister For Frances, and my two very favorites Bread and Jam For Frances, and A Birthday For Frances.  In my family we still joke about the Champo Bar. As I read it last night as a bedtime story to myself, I was taken back to my childhood. I used to beg my dad for "just one more story." Reading was a ritual in our house, so much so that it didn't take me very long to memorize my favorite books. I had varied taste. Anything from Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit to the epic poem The Highway Man. I haven't lost my love of reading.   I still read myself to sleep at night. There is nothing like a good book!

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