Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Olive & Thyme

We visited the new Olive & Thyme location to kick off my birthday weekend. It's a gourmet cafe and marketplace. So charming!
We arrived before 6pm on a Friday. It was pretty empty, but before we left all the tables were full.
There is indoor and outdoor seating. I LOVED this long wooden table. Typically used for larger parties, we witnessed two smaller parties at either end.
The interior is bright, white and airy. I love the black board.
There is so much to look at while you wait for your food to arrive. Beautiful gift ideas!
A long dessert counter? Yes please! And look at all that gorgeous copper on the back wall.
Oven roasted turkey and havarti with avocado and sundried tomato panini. So good! I ate every bite. The food is locally sourced and made from scratch to create fresh quality food.
We finished the meal with dainty macarones. Mmmm pistachio!

I would definitely recommend a visit to Olive & Thyme. The service was a little lacking, but the atmosphere is clean and inviting. I think they serve warm water (no ice) to encourage beverage purchases.

Before we left we noticed Wil Wheaton having a quiet meal on the patio. As you do.

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