Monday, February 10, 2014

Chick Weekend

We made it. The "Year of Firsts" is over. There was a strange feeling of accomplishment. We survived.
Steele had signed up to do a century ride in Palm Springs (100 miles!) so we planned a chick weekend for us girls. A little crafting, baking, new recipes chick movies. We had so much planned that we made our own three day weekend kicking it off on Friday.
After lunch at El Zarape it was time to try our first new recipe: Cookies & Cream cookies. They turned out to be pretty good. They seemed a little salty to me. These were plated up and taken to a memorial service. 
Mom has been wanting to try our new favorite Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese. Ultimate comfort food with less fat than typical mac & cheese. Steele thought it sounded gross, so we waited for him to not be around. He did eat the leftovers and thought it was good!

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful! We took tulips down to the cemetery. Only a few tears were shed.
Lunch at El Indio where we ran into Grandma! Imagine that. Then back to her house for a little Liverpool Rummy.
Craft time!! It looks like Valentine's Day threw up on the table. We made oodles of valentines to be delivered.
Along with all the hearts and doilies I simultaneously was baking mini cupcakes to go with the valentines.
Dinner time found me back in the kitchen. D.D. saw this idea on Pinterest. Cook cornbread in the waffle iron and pour chili on top. Homemade chili. Sooooo good! We'll certainly be making these again.
Sunday was Taco Sunday at Grandma's. Yum! And Steele came home. I baked a cake. We spent some time the four of us before D.D. and I headed back to La-La land.
I'm so lucky to have the family I do. I'm grateful for the memories we have and for the memories we continue to make.

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