Sunday, September 15, 2013


This won't be a post that changes your life. It isn't really all that earth shattering or revelatory, either.

I have become obsessed with blueberries. (For many reasons: one of which being my recent allergic reactions to strawberries.)They are such a tasty and versatile berry. The blueberry, that is. They are great in cereal or straight snacking. Here's where my obsession comes in---I LOVE LOVE LOVE when blueberries are part of a recipe that makes them hot and juicy and bursting with juicy yumminess.

I tried them in an old family muffin recipe. The blueberries were bursting, but the muffins left a lot to be desired. Undaunted, I pressed on. 

Growing up, Saturday morning meant dad made us waffles or pancakes. Usually from a baking mix. Aside from Grandmother Moody's Oatmeal Pancake recipe, our family doesn't have a made from scratch tried and true go to batter. My search began for a fluffy, preferably buttermilk based pancake recipe. 

I lucked out when the first recipe I tried turned out just how I hoped. Toss in a handful of blueberries after pouring the batter in the pan and these pancakes are pillows of heaven.

I tried them out on my family last time I was in San Diego. They were a hit! I served them for breakfast, but I love to have breakfast for dinner. It seems somehow more decadent to eat morning foods at night. 

Do you have an awesome pancake recipe I need to try? What foods are you currently obsessed with?

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