Saturday, December 8, 2012

Santa. One for you, and you, and me.

My Mom made this Santa over 30 years ago. It is one of the few Christmas decorations that has survived and still manages to make it out of the attic every year. He's just missing the bells that used to be on his boots. Isn't he ADORABLE? I love him. Every year when he gets unpacked Mom says, "Someday I'll make another one." She was never really happy with the fabrics she chose, but at the time she was a young married with little money. A few years ago I uncovered the pattern. And since then every year have said, "I'm going to make my OWN Santa." Well . . . last year we set aside Thanksgiving weekend to each make a Santa. That's 3. One for Mom, one for Desiree and one for me. 
 We bought our fabric before the big weekend and I pre-cut it so all we would have to do is assemble them. I also crocheted little circles to use for cheeks.
Beards are tricky things!
Face and arms DONE. Now to stuff the body!
Desiree was never too excited about this project, but she walked right into the fabric store and chose hers in 5 minutes. I secretly had her type of Santa in mind for my own, but let her have first fabric choice.
Mom wanted hers to match her living room. She also went a little bit crazy with the fringe for Santa's beard.
My Santa is still missing the pom pom for his hat because I can't find the right color yarn to make it. I named him Thaddeus.

I absolutely LOVE the fact that we all used the same pattern, but each Santa has his own personality.
And somehow my Santa turned out to be the shrimpy one. Appropriate since I am the runt of the family.

It took ALL weekend to finish. There was some minor swearing, but memories were made nonetheless. Now I'm the one saying "Someday I'll make another one."

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  1. What a fun project! I totally remember the original Santa!