Sunday, June 3, 2012

Painting with Coffee part 2

Maybe you remember my post last Fall about painting with coffee? Well, I never got around to painting anything on my coffee prepared paper. And then I did and forgot to share.
This is the house where I grew up. (Not the best photo---taken with my iPhone---sorry). I was going to frame it for my dad for his birthday, but it just wasn't working. The coffee made the paper too dark and when I tried to lighten it with white (read frustratingly opaque) it just made the whole thing muddy. So I chose to not overwork it, leave it in an unfinished state, and sew it to the front of some card stock for Dad's birthday card. 

I still have a few more coffee treated papers that I will try to come up with better subjects to paint.


  1. Nice! I also have been painting in coffee for about 6 years now... You can see my work at: enjoy!

  2. sorry catching up on your posts so will do one big comment here, love this painting, what an awesome gift, I adore the crocheted animals you made, they are incredible, the cutest things ever, you so should sell them, although it woudl be so difficult to part with them, they have so much character, and most importantly, sending good thoughts and hopes for your stepfather