Monday, May 28, 2012

Music Monday:::SWEETER

Okay, I'm a little late to the party. But I LOVE Gavin DeGraw. I vaguely knew who he was before Dancing With The Stars. (DWTS is my guilty pleasure---the ONLY reality TV show I watch.) Cue premier night of DWTS---Gavin was completely endearing. His smile *swoon*. The week he performed the Rumba I became absolutely smitten. No, he wasn't the best dancer and he knew it, but I enjoyed watching him nonetheless. 

So of course I had to look him up on Spotify. Wait? He is a singer AND songwriter? MAJOR talent. If I could have my dream job it would be a MUSICIAN. But FIRST I would need some talent and SECOND I'd need to overcome my incredible shyness. 

Imagine my excitement when I found out he was coming to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Free concert? Perfect for my budget! Premium tickets? Even better.

This is Gavin arriving. There was a crack in the fence right where I was standing. After I took one picture I felt  little like a stalking paparazzi, so I didn't take any more. Speaking of stalking, Mr. DeGraw has some crazy stalker fans. Those girls are CRAZY.

Sound check was AWESOME! We saw the whole thing thru the fence. Then we got a front row place right in front of the stage. This guy is AMAZING live! That gravel in his voice is so sexy. And so appreciative of his fans and his band. What a sweetie!

Did you catch me behind Jimmy Kimmel in the beginning? Lower right corner. D.D. was next to me, but got cut out of the shot. Gavin DeGraw is touring this Summer. Check him out. Or check out his newest album Sweeter if you haven't already.


  1. I actually watched it twice. I wondered where D.D. was.

    I was hoping to see him in August when he comes, but it is sold out. Maybe I can buy some tix off someone.

    You really need to get a hold of his "Chariot" album. "Over-Rated" is my FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!