Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chia Herbs Week 3 (give or take a few days)

Good news! They're not DEAD! This part has been easy---keep a reserve of water for the chia sponge to absorb. I'll admit I've cheated a little bit on this easy step. I put the pots minus their saucers into a pie tin and filled that sucker up with water. Then I don't have to water every other day or so. Just once a week.

From here on out the care gets more intense. Now that these little plants have leaves they require 6 hours of direct South facing sun. My kitchen window doesn't face South. (Plus the pie tin doesn't fit in the sill).

Plus they need plant food. I don't know what plants eat. Pizza?

Has anyone ever grown cilantro? Is this craziness normal? On top of all that, when these baby plants really start to grow I have to transplant them. I don't have a PhD so I doubt I will be very good at performing such a delicate operation.

All joking aside, so far this experiment is working out. And I think these little guys are really looking forward to getting off the top of the fridge.

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