Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This is NOT a Stick

Have you noticed that people are yarn-wrapping EVERYTHING these days. After the huge windstorm we had, I had a brainstorm. I went out on a stick hunt. I found the perfect stick for my project idea.

I was looking for a multi-pronged stick. There were so many to choose from. (I might have brought more than a few home.)

Here's what you'll need for this cheap and simple project. Total cost $1.82. (I had a coupon for the yarn).

* A Stick
* Yarn, any color
* Glue gun

If you're like me and find a way to tangle the yarn when using it straight from the skein, you'll want to take a few minutes to wind it into a ball.

Now you're ready to begin. Put a small dab of glue on the pointy end of one of your branches. Then start winding yarn around that tip, catching the glue. Leave a short tail of about 2-3 inches. This tail will be covered as you wind the yarn around the stick. If you wound your yarn into a ball to start with, you will have already practiced this next step. Make a small yarn ball at the end of each small branch. Then wind the yarn around and around the stick, covering it completely.

When you get to the "Y" of your stick make a few figure 8's. Put a dab of glue on the stick, secure the yarn, leaving a short tail. Cut yarn and begin again at the tip of the next branch.

Repeat all steps until you get to the last branch. For the last branch, after you've covered the joint, continue wrapping yarn to the bottom of the stick. 

Secure with a small squirt of glue. Done! And so easy.

Put it in your favorite vase. Add festive ornaments.

 Today is the last day to enter the FlyAKite GIVEAWAY! Winner announced tomorrow.

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  1. Cute! (We've GOT to do something about Voldemort's photo.)