Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fighters WIN

There has been a battle raging since April when Dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer. In June his bladder, prostate, pelvic lymph nodes, urethra and appendix were removed. In July doctors told us that the cancer had spread. The last 9 weeks of chemotherapy have been HELL. Today he got the results from his latest PET scan and . . . 

the chemotherapy is working!!!

The cancer in his neck is half the size and the spot in his chest isn't visible. He will have two additional chemo infusions, so he won't be done until January, but we couldn't be more THRILLED! 

Dad has been AMAZING through this ordeal. He is so strong. Our faith has been strengthened. Our prayers have been answered. The next 12 weeks will still be challenging, but we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 


  1. So, so, SO happy to hear it! For the record, you've been amazing too. There are few out there who are as dedicated to their family as you.

  2. Wahooooooo!!!! ;-) That is such great news! Tell your dad we love him and we're so happy for him and for all of you. It's a hard trial for you guys and it's hard for us not being close to you guys especially during trying times. We love and miss you all!