Friday, October 8, 2010

Sing a Rainbow

Red and yellow and pink and green
purple and orange and bluuuuue.
I can sing a rainbow, 
sing a rainbow, 
sing a rainbow too.
Listen with your eyes.
Listen with your eyes,
and sing everything you see.
Sing a rainbow.
Sing a rainbow.
Sing along with me.

The photos don't do this scarf justice. I admire artists who sell yarn crafts and make their photos look awesome. My 22 gallon bucket of yarn was the inspiration for this over 6' long 80 different colors scarf. No yarn was purchased to complete this project. There are some Charlie Brown parts where I used thinner yarn, but those hopefully won't be noticeable when I wear it. This was a fun project, until I got to the part when I had to weave in all the loose ends.  The tassels might be my favorite part. And I know its fantastic because my sister already wants to borrow it!

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