Thursday, July 8, 2010

More things cycling

Some years ago my brother got his first road bike. This past week he acquired a few more two-wheeled pedal-turners. His new fixed gear bike is a beauty. She's matte black and very sleek.

While visiting San Diego last holiday weekend we decided to load up and go for a spin. We finally have enough bikes for those who choose to to ride. We are DEFINITELY not professionals, but we enjoyed our leisurely ride around Coronado. (I forgot to take any shots of us actually riding---I'll have to borrow some from my sister.)

After a great little ride of course we needed some refreshment. El Zarape called to us and we responded. It had been longer than I care to remember, but the potato rolled tacos were EXCELLENT! Usually a drowned vegetable quesadilla in green salsa is my menu choice.

A perfect morning.

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