Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Let me in. Wee-ooo."

This is my front door.

Every winter, after it rains, this door swells---making it almost impossible to open or shut the door. That doesn't even include the struggle it is to get the door locked or unlocked. It is much easier to accomplish either task from inside. Which doesn't work so well when you are leaving the apartment. Last year we were promised a new door. Still waiting. I just went 10 rounds with the door. He should maybe have a name to shout and curse at. Anyway, I decided to focus on some of the things I love about my apartment and share them. Knick-knacks, antiques, monograms, figurines---all with a black motif.

These HUGE scissors hang in what would be the dining room, but is in actuality the sewing room.

This photo of my dad as a little boy wearing my grandpa's watch makes me smile everyday. It hangs in the hallway, next to the pictures of us dressed as hare krishna.

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